Meeting 18th April: Exploring Street, Landscape, and Colour Through Photography

This Thursday John Beeching with give us a presentation on Exploring Street, Landscape, and Colour Through Photography. John lives in Frome and is a former academic at the University of Bath. He has lived and travelled extensively across the globe, and his photographic journey is characterised by his dedication to capturing the essence of moments through his lens. His subjects are diverse, and he will present street scenes, landscapes, and the interplay of colour. John has a website

John’s presentation is not a lecture but a conversation. He will share what inspired him in each shot and his techniques to capture it. By delving into the nuances of his photos, he will offer insights into what sparked his interest in each scene and the methods he employed to bring his vision to life. This interactive session is designed to engage you in his creative process.

John’s style may suit all, but his unscripted delivery approach offers a chance to learn first-hand about his creative process. The presentation promises to be an engaging session that will inform and inspire without any unnecessary frills.

Non-members are welcome to come along. We meet at St Thomas’s church hall at 7:30.

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