This Thursday we have a members evening and we will be having a photo session. As we missed out on our “Experimental” competition we thought we would have this as the subject for the evening.

The topic will be light painting, so members should bring their cameras, tripods and cable shutter releases, as well as any portable items that light up and can be waved about in the dark. This could be torches, light strings, or even just your mobile phones. Different colours would be good for added interest. Use of a tripod is essential but if you don’t have one, some of us have spare tripods which we will bring along.

This is experimental and we will all be experimenting together. We have some experienced photographers in the club who will be able to assist with using your cameras in ‘Manual’ mode and the settings to use, so don’t be afraid that you don’t know which settings to use, how to work in ‘Manual’, or that your camera might not be good enough. We should all have some fun with this topic.

Here is a test shot that Kevin did in his living room with LEDs stuck to a broomstick and one shot taken on his camera, to give you an idea of what we will be doing.

Non-members are welcome to come along. We meet at St Thomas’s church hall at 7:30.

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