The club was founded in the dark days of 1942, a year when bombers of the Luftwaffe roamed the night skies, by a group of local enthusiasts who, besides enjoying themselves in those uncertain times, wanted to share their love of photography with others who felt the same.

After the war the club entered competitions with others both in this country and abroad on occasions. Seventy years later the club is still going strong with an all-inclusive membership, the majority of whom still have similar feelings as the original few; “it’s a great hobby, let’s share it and enjoy!” 

The club membership include those faithful to the traditional methods, making their prints in the “dark room” using chemicals, producing monochrome and colour prints which gain high marks in various competitions, (local, regional and national). However, technological development brought rapid progress and has generally exceeded all expectations among the photographic fraternity. 

Today, a majority of club members use digital cameras and produce their own prints via the home computer. Some members use specific computer programmes to produce audio-visual sequences, and integration of images, music and recorded scripts, which are projected onto a screen by a digital projector, that with attendant laptop computer which was purchased with a generous grant from Awards For All. Presentations have been given to the public of all aspects of member’s work.

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