How to cut a double mount (by Rob Dyer)

Our thanks go to Terrick Meakin for giving the initial demonstration of cutting a double mount at a club meeting. He made it look so easy that I felt it was worth recording as a tutorial for posting here for members that were not present to see, and as a reminder if any of us forget.

You will need some mounting board, 500 x 400mm for competition prints or any other size that compliments the photo you wish to mount (non-competition prints), and a strip of contrasting mount board for the double mount.

Other equipment you will need includes:

A mount cutter (Logan Team System or similar)

Ruler and pencil


Wood glue or PVA glue

Low tack masking tape or craft tape

If you don’t have the equipment to cut your own mounts, pre-cut window mounts can be purchased relatively cheaply. My preferred supplier of mount board is Paper Spectrum. They sell 500 x 400mm mount board in various colours and pre-cut window mounts that will take an A4 size photo which I have used for 12″ x 8″ photos. Here is a link to the pre-cut window mounts:

If you would like to contribute a tutorial in the form of a video or a PDF with screenshot images (e.g. Photoshop or Lightroom screenshots) for inclusion here please contact a member of the committee.

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