Christmas Social

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Our session on the 17th was planned to be out Christmas Party. Sadly we can’t go and play skittles and eat fish and chips together this year. We will be having the usual Zoom meeting, but with Christmas flavour.

Fez Parker will be with us to review pictures submitted for the happiness competition, and Andrew Leach will be presenting a Video on his trip to Iceland.

Finally we are all photographers. So here’s a challenge: Photographing Festive Food – We can’t all go out together and eat, so let’s take pictures instead.

Probably none of us have tried food photography as a subject. The original idea for this, was to photograph mince pies in an entertaining or amusing way. This might prove to be a bit limiting, let’s face it you can have too many mince pies at Christmas, so send in your amusing or entertaining images of festive food. There are no prizes we will just look, discuss and enjoy the results. Pictures in the usual projections format to:

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