A very important message to Members thinking of renewing.

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This is a very difficult year for camera clubs. The Trowbridge Camera Club Committee has been meeting to discuss, monitor, and formulate a plan for the club for the coming season. We believe that the club will not be able to hold physical meetings in the hall until at least after Christmas.

We do, however, intend to start the season virtually on September 3rd, with a welcome evening and presentation of members lock down images, together with a prize giving for last years’ competition winners. This will be conducted over the internet, using a Zoom connection. All members and new members will be welcome to participate. Zoom invitations will be sent out in advance of the date and will be free to join in on. Subsequent meetings will be on Zoom and for members only.

We already have an exciting programme planned for the coming season up until Christmas and more items will be added as the season progresses. Of course the content of the programme will depend to some extent on the number of members that renew and new members we can attract this season.

The subscriptions have been revised downwards this year to reflect loss of the final sessions last year. This seasons subscription will be £30 which we believe is very good value for money for what we have planned. Payment in the normal way will be more difficult, but we will still be able to accept cheques and cash addressed to the treasurer and you can now make electronic payments using bank transfer.

It is important that we control costs and have sufficient funds available in order to attract the type of speakers we already have lined up.To reduce any risk to the club programme, the Committee needs an indication of the number of existing members who are committed to rejoining.We have received numerous replies following the earlier email communication, but if you have not done so please contact Kevin ASAP (chairman@trowbridgecc.uk) to let him know if your intention is to continue with club membership. This will help enormously with our planning for next season.

Thank You

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