25th November: Tony Gervis – One man and his van

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Once again the gods have conspired against us and our old friend Fez has had to pull out of next Thursday. Apologies for this but we will reschedule him later in the season. We are delighted to say that at very short notice we have been able to secure the services of Tony Gervis FRPS who is going to present ” One man and his van”. A wild tale of a solo trip of 19000 miles in his camper van across Europe, Turkey ,Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and several more stans, Russia, Belarus and more. Guaranteed to be an entertaining evening!

P.S. Following on from the inspirational presentation last week from Jeanette Lendon, the Smart Phone Photo Shoot originally scheduled for the 25th November will also be move to later in the season giving members more time to practice some of the techniques discussed last week. The programme was changed to accommodate the rescheduled Fez … and then … well you know !!!!

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