Triptych print competition

In preparation for our Triptych print competition (print submission date 2nd March), here is our definition of Triptych, which can also be found in the member section of the website.

Each club member has two entries, one colour one mono (not a mixture).
One participation point for entering each set as normal.
A set comprises 3 normal print competition size mounts (see competition rules), clearly marked with the normal label and 1, 2, and 3 on the back so the judge knows the sequence that the images are in to tell their story. Use a title for the set.
The triptychs will be presented as three separate mounted images which will be placed side by side on the display stand.
The usual points will be awarded for commended, highly commended, 3rd, 2nd or 1st.
Those awarded points will then add to their score in colour or mono.

Here is an additional description of what the images should try to achieve visually:

“Three images of equal or differing sizes which aim to work together in order to demonstrate their worth as being greater than the sum of their parts”


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