Meeting 8th December – Zone Trips: A globe trotting journey via the world of urban adventure photography by Max Leonard

Adventure photography is a challenging niche at the best of times, working in often dangerous conditions to capture the perfect shot whilst ensuring you and your companions don’t end up injured or dead in the process is usually par for the course. When these pursuits are taken from the caves and mountains and into the cities, factories and infrastructure that keeps modern life ticking over, the added overhead of keeping yourself unseen and out of trouble makes for an unique and understandably, rarely talked about form of photographic process.

In this talk, Max will take you on a tour of his global adventures and photography. From the catacombs of Odessa to the abandoned stations of the London Underground. From the lost Soviet outposts in the high arctic to the freight train hobos of North America. From secret tunnels behind the Niagara Falls, to the wonders of the ancient world and a lot humourless men with kalashnikovs thrown in for good measure.

Max is coming to the hall to deliver this.

As always new members are welcome.

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